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6 Best Feminine WordPress Themes for Women 2017

Are you looking for beautiful feminine WordPress themes! What are Feminine WordPress Themes? Everything you need for a beautiful theme, Feminine WordPress theme is a complete feminine theme that is suitable for a wide range of niches that includes – fashion, lifestyle, food, travel, beauty, mommy blogger. Women business owners, creatives, and female bloggers make up a huge part of the blogosphere today, “This theme is for Women” Yes! Feminine is female orientated WordPress themes. Where Is The Best Feminine WordPress Themes? Anyway, on with the show… Here is my top 6 Feminine WordPress Themes, Every Women’s Fashion Blogger Should Use! 60%
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Dealing with duplicate content

The words “duplicate content” strike fear into the hearts of many webmasters and SEOs. But the truth is, not all duplicate content is created equal.Since content is a core element of good SEO, many have tried to manipulate the result by using the old “copy and paste” approach. Google punishes this method, so it should strike fear into your heart.But if you have unintentionally created some duplicate content on your site, don’t freak out. Below, we will look at how Google treats duplicate material, and I’ll share a few tips you can use to ensure that your site’s content is fresh and unique.[Read the full article on Search Engine Land.]

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The great martech debate: Build vs. buy

I recently worked with a very well-known “unicorn” (a private company valued at more than $1 billion by investors).The unicorn’s founder proudly told me that they were building their own AdWords campaign management software and that they had even hired an engineer from Google’s AdWords team (because, you know, one engineer probably knows the entire AdWords code set…). I did my best to dissuade the company from this strategy, but my arguments were ignored.It’s possible that the unicorn will build an amazing piece of software that will outperform any other tool ever invented, but it’s more likely that the company will waste millions of dollars, hours of precious engineering time and lots of advertising dollars before they come to the conclusion that they should never have tried to build their own campaign management software in the first place.My experience suggests that it almost never makes sense to build your own martech software. In this article, I’ll explain the strong arguments ag…

Ignoring these 6 SEO strategies could come back to haunt you

Halloween is just around the corner. Soon you’ll be seeing little ghosts, goblins, witches and Donald Trump wannabes wandering your street in search of treats. SEO is a lot like these trick-or-treaters: If you’re brave enough to go into the scary dark night and knock on strangers’ doors, you could be rewarded with goodies! The difference? For SEO professionals, this means higher rankings on search engine result pages (not full-sized candy bars).This month, in honor of Halloween, I thought it would be ghoulishly fun to talk about some SEO strategies that you should start implementing — or face the nightmarish consequences.[Read the full article on Search Engine Land.]

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Marketing Day: Gartner report on analytics tools, Pinterest search ads & P2P marketing

Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:Should you connect with your clients across social platforms?
Oct 18, 2017 by Matt Umbro
Connecting with clients on Facebook or Instagram can be a slippery slope. Columnist Matt Umbro explains why it’s better to keep your work and personal lives separate.New Gartner report spotlights analytics tools that map customer data across channels
Oct 18, 2017 by Barry Levine
The Leaders are Google, Adobe and SAS, with IBM and SAP in the second quadrant.Pinterest opens search ads to self-serve advertisers, adds ‘autotargeting’ option
Oct 18, 2017 by Tim Peterson
In addition to making search ads available to all advertisers, Pinterest is adding an option to automatically target related pins.How machine learning levels the SERP playing field
Oct 17, 2017 by Kristopher Jones
Contributor Kristopher Jones explains how SEOs should be changing their practices t…

Duplicate content FAQ: What is it, and how should you deal with it?

There are a few questions that have been confusing the SEO industry for many years. No matter how many times Google representatives try to clear the confusion, some myths persist.One such question is the widely discussed issue of duplicate content. What is it, are you being penalized for it, and how can you avoid it?Let’s try to clear up some of the confusion by answering some frequently-asked (or frequently-wondered) questions about duplicate content.How can you diagnose a duplicate content penalty?It’s funny how some of the readers of this article are rolling their eyes right now reading the first subheading. But let’s deal with this myth first thing.There is no duplicate content penalty. None of Google’s representatives has ever confirmed the existence of such a penalty; there were no algorithmic updates called “duplicate content”; and there can never be such a penalty because in the overwhelming number of cases, duplicate content is a natural thing with no evil intent behind that.…

Should you connect with your clients across social platforms?

A common question that I hear among digital marketers is, should you connect with your clients on social platforms? My answer to this question is: Avoid it as much as you can.I’ve found that my strongest client relationships over the years have come when we solely see each other as the vendor (myself) and the client. That’s not to say that we don’t ask about each other’s personal lives or participate in small talk, but the quality of the work and results are always at the forefront.Before I delve into my argument, it’s important to understand that I’m looking at this question as someone who interacts with clients on a day-to-day basis and oversees strategy. I can appreciate the need for sales and other departments to connect with clients. For example, I can see a salesperson reaching out to a client on LinkedIn to make introductions. From my perspective, I would rather not connect with clients.I find that when you connect with clients on social platforms, they see you in a different l…

New Gartner report spotlights analytics tools that map customer data across channels

As customer journeys, customer experience and customer data become the key drivers of modern marketing, analytics tools have become the compasses.To help marketers learn about their options, Gartner is out with a new “Magic Quadrant for Digital Marketing Analytics” for what it describes as the “booming business” of analytics.It notes, for instance, that more than 40 percent of US and UK marketing leaders say analytical tools are among their top five investments. (A complimentary copy of this report is available from several of the named vendors, including Adobe.)Analytics tools are described as standalone “applications used to understand and improve digital channel user experience, and prospect and customer acquisition and behavior, and to optimize marketing campaigns, with an emphasis on digital channels and techniques.”[Read the full article on MarTech Today.]

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