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6 Best Feminine WordPress Themes for Women 2017

Are you looking for beautiful feminine WordPress themes! What are Feminine WordPress Themes? Everything you need for a beautiful theme, Feminine WordPress theme is a complete feminine theme that is suitable for a wide range of niches that includes – fashion, lifestyle, food, travel, beauty, mommy blogger. Women business owners, creatives, and female bloggers make up a huge part of the blogosphere today, “This theme is for Women” Yes! Feminine is female orientated WordPress themes. Where Is The Best Feminine WordPress Themes? Anyway, on with the show… Here is my top 6 Feminine WordPress Themes, Every Women’s Fashion Blogger Should Use! 60%
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Facebook will prioritize news from ‘trusted’ publishers while de-emphasizing news overall

A week after Facebook said that it will reduce the amount of news in people’s News Feeds, the company has announced that it plans to increase the quality of the news that does appear.Facebook will prioritize news posts from publishers that certain users have flagged as trustworthy, the company announced on Friday. Facebook will start this test in the US next week and plans to eventually expand it internationally.To compile its list of trusted publishers, Facebook will rely on surveys asking “a diverse and representative sample of people” using the social network whether they are familiar with a particular news source and, if so, whether they consider the source trustworthy, according to a company blog post.A Facebook spokesperson did not immediately respond to questions asking whether Facebook will publicly share the complete list of trusted publishers and if the company will label posts and/or Pages from these publishers.In attempting to identify and prioritize trusted news sources, …

3 AdWords features you’re probably underutilizing

The wonderful thing about AdWords is that we all have our favorite ways to utilize it. We PPC practitioners each have our favorite reports and features, and we all have our own personal preferences for how we like to build and manage our campaigns.Unfortunately, this means we’re prone to getting stuck in our ways, often neglecting to explore features, reports and methods that we’re not familiar with.These will differ from person to person, of course, but below, I’ll discuss three AdWords features you are very likely not paying enough attention to — and explain why you should be.[Read the full article on Search Engine Land.]

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Marketing Day: Forrester business tech report, customer loyalty programs & Snapchat news

Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:What’s next for technical SEO?
Jan 19, 2018 by Patrick Stox
As web technologies continue to grow and evolve, interest in technical SEO is growing along with it. Columnist Patrick Stox looks ahead to see what advancements are on the horizon and how these may impact technical SEO.Crowd Machine readies its blockchain-aided network for app development without developers
Jan 19, 2018 by Barry Levine
The ambitious startup will utilize a worldwide network of devices so non-technical users can create — and monetize — smart contracts and other applications.Forrester report offers some tips for buyers of business tech
Jan 19, 2018 by Barry Levine
This year, the growth in spending for business will continue, the study says, but purchases will begin to taper off in 2019.From transaction to companion: Engaging at each level of the consumer journey
Jan 19, …

What’s next for technical SEO?

It seems as though technical SEO is experiencing a resurgence in popularity. In 2016, Mike King believed that we were on the cusp of a technical SEO renaissance due to the rapid advancement of web technologies. And in 2017, interest continued to boom. Needless to say, spirits are high going into 2018 with a renewed passion for learning and the importance of technical SEO.I love the new energy and focus, but I also realize that people have limits on their time and effort, and I wonder how far people are willing to go down the rabbit hole. The web is more complex than ever and seems to be scaling and fracturing exponentially. At the rate we’re going, I’m not sure it’s possible to keep up with everything — and I believe we will start seeing more specialization within technical SEO. increased interest in machine learning. I would like to see more tools build in things like workflow and processes, or even understanding, rather than just being data dumps, as they mostly are now.[Read the fu…

Crowd Machine readies its blockchain-aided network for app development without developers

A screen shot from a Crowd Machine video When marketers need an application, they ask the IT department or they hire a developer.If they want an application that utilizes blockchain, such as a smart contract, they go to a developer familiar with that technology.But a startup named Crowd Machine is working to change that. They’re providing an App Studio where any non-technical user can build almost any application — including smart contracts and other apps that are stored on blockchains.[Read the full article on MarTech Today.]

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Forrester report offers some tips for buyers of business tech

With spending on business technology expected to remain healthy this year, a recent report from research firm Forrester has some advice for CIOs and others buying business tech.First of all, says VP and Principal Analyst Andrew Bartels in “The Global Tech Market Outlook for 2018 to 2019” [fee required for full report], they should seek 5 percent or higher growth in their tech budget this year to support process improvements and experiments.This tracks the expected 5.1 percent global growth in business tech spending that the report forecasts for this year, following 4 percent last year and ahead of a slightly slower rate — 4.7 percent — in 2019, measured in constant currencies. As Forrester suggests: “Make hay while the sun shines.”[Read the full article on MarTech Today.]

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From transaction to companion: Engaging at each level of the consumer journey

Unbeknownst to many, the shopping experience doesn’t begin with the purchase of an item. Rather, it begins when a consumer has a need or desire for a certain item. Successful brands may prevail at being part of the shopping experience up until they get buyers into stores and, ultimately, in line at the cash register. But many marketers assume — incorrectly — that their job ends once a purchase transaction takes place.By not realizing the consumer journey continues long after the original point of purchase, marketers are missing an opportunity to build product affinity and customer loyalty. And as the trend of modern consumers continues toward placing a higher value on experiences over goods, this realization could become critical to a brand’s survival.Brands’ and marketers’ mindsets must shift away from treating a purchase as a “final destination,” and instead focus on continuous interactions with consumers, even when those consumers leave the store for home or other locations. Today,…